We are thrilled to again be releasing on the Innova label, with worldwide distribution handled by Naxos. Click on an icon below to purchase CDs or mp3s:

While you're here, pick up our critically acclaimed debut recording, Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians...

"A gorgeous and stunningly accurate CD of Music for 18 Musicians, from the heartland to the heart. Take a listen."

- Steve Reich

"A hyper-propulsive and yet silkily beautiful, entrancing and utterly alive interpretation that more than holds its own."
- Anastasia Tsioulcas, Billboard Magazine

...Or grab our full-length concert version of Terry Riley's In C, digitally released by Ghostly International & Wordless Musc. Recorded live at New York's Le Poisson Rouge, featuring the ensemble alongside electronic artist Dennis DeSantis...

"The result is an interpretation that pays fierce tribute to the original yet is a brand-new way to experience In C."
-Alarm magazine

"Of the several interpretations that this writer has heard, this is the one which stands out the most, both in terms of originality and conceptual depth."
-Resident Advisor

...Or check out the special limited edition CD printing of our performance at LPR. A very small number are available, as well as ten signed prints featuring the cover art by Michael Cina.
More details and purchase information HERE.